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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty
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Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Gabe BISS from Special show in CZ

White shepherd Gabe winnig BISS in special show in CZ


Our kennel participated in the Club Winner Show in Czech Republic. It seems, that this Club Show in one of the first white swiss shepherd special shows in Europe. Czech club is one of few clubs, where shortcoated and longcoated dogs are judged separately, like some breeders dream come to be true :). It was our first time when we were taking part in so big club show, with more than 70 dogs. We are more that just proud of our dog's result and are glad to let You know our achievements.

Gabe became first in Juniors and received CZ JCAC, Junior CZ Club Winner 2008 title, Best Junior of the Breed, Best Of Breed, Best In Special Show (BISS) from 70 dogs, being herself only 14 months old!!!!! Gabe achieved the cup where will be written her name, like all the other winners from past years!

Cherokee was winner in Intermediate class and received CZ CAC, was first competing for Best Male, and as result got title of CZ Club Winner 2008!

Coco showed that she deserved to be a champion and received a title of Czech Champion, got CZ CAC in Open class.

Jumy being in the show ring with very high level quality dogs achieved CZ R.CAC.

Baltic Beauty wants to thank the organizers for an excellent show, very friendly atmosphere, comfort for the participants. Special thanks to the judges J. Karhanová, P. Spoustová for the great work they are doing.

[2008-10-08] [20:16]
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