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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty


Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Wels, Austria

In the beginning of November we had an interesting idea – why not to go on the double CACIB shows in December in Wels? Interesting dogs, well organized show, and to drive „only” 1600 kilometers one way. So why not to go?

We decided to take part with A Perfect Creation and Cherokee. A Perfect Creation has CACA and R.CACA already, but Cherokee has never been in Austria before. The judges announced in the shows were very interesting and very experienced – Mrs. Monika Blaha, who was judging BBI Cup of Nations and Alpentrophy dog shows and Mrs Friederike Kappacher, who judged a lot of big specialty WSS dog shows in Europe last years. So it is a great chance to receive descriptions from two very experienced judges, and if we get lucky also to get some CACA or even CACIB. 


On the 6th of December in the morning we left Riga to go to Wels. During that day we wanted to drive about 1000 km and stay by night in Katowice, we were so surprised by -12 and a lot of snow in south of Poland, as we left Riga with no snow. Next day afternoon we were already in Wels, taking rest and preparing dogs before show.

Before show we found out, that Mrs Monika Blaha is replaced by Mrs Poduschka-Aigner Phyllis from Austria. 

The first day 18 dogs were entered; judge Mrs Poduschka-Aigner Phyllis (Austria).

Cherokee got very good from open class, but our A Perfect Creation was lucky – she won open class with CACA and also was placed as reserve best female with Res.CACIB!

Next day ring was judged be Mrs Kappacher, and on that show also CACWSÖ was awarded (that gives opportunity do gain WSÖ club champion title). This day our star was Cherokee – he won open class with CACA and CACWSÖ, than he was placed as best male with CACIB and also Best of breed! Our A Perfect Creation repeated her success from yesterday – once again achieving CACA, CACWSÖ and Res.CACIB from open class.

Cherokee in Wels
[2012-12-21] [21:48]
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