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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty


Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Paris, Paris!

This summer, the FCI Centenary World Dog Show and France Championship were held in France, Paris during 6-10th of July. Taking in account that this WDS is connected to FCI 100 years, but France championship is the biggest show in France we couldn't miss such opportunity to participate in such a big event. 

Baltic Beauty Defender Glorious


At the moment n France are living probably the best white shepherds, so it was really useful for us to attend this shows, especially, as there were entered about 200 white shepherds every day, also in Paris were going our puppies from Krasnodar Baltic Beauty Avalanche Glorious and Baltic Beauty Defender Glorious with their owner Olga. For us it is a great chance to see our offsprings grown up, especially, taking in account where is Riga and where is Krasnodar.

On French championship males and females were judged separately by Gigot-Barais Andree (males) and Chwalibog Elizbieta (females). Mrs Gigot-Barais was already judging the dogs on BBI in Dijon and on Europasieger 2011 in Dortmund.

As usually the highest competition was in open class – about 40 dogs. Because in France CAC can be given only to open or intermediate class winners. And our Defender Glorious being the first time on such big show and competing in Open class achieved 4 th place!! We are very happy for his owner Olga, who traveled more that 4000 km from Krasnodar to Paris. 

Females were judged by judge from Poland Chwalibog Elizbieta, as we understood, judge paid attention mostly to the size, and it is clear, as at the moment in our breed there are a lot of a bit too big dogs. Avalanche Glorious and A Perfect Creation both got excellent in their classes, Gabe  this time – very good.

On the World Dog Show males were judged by Mach Lisbeth and females by Kerihuel Jean Paul. Mrs Mach is real show judge!!! it was a pleasure to watch on her work. Defender Glorious as in the first day was placed on 4th place in open class (about 40 dogs).

All our females Avalanche Glorious, A Perfect Creation and Gabe received “excellent” from Mr Kerihuel, Avalanche Glorious also was selected in best 10 dogs in open class (about 40 entries).  

Both days’ winners were dogs from Germany Sutumer Grund, congratulations to owners and breeders!

We are very satisfied by both shows results and hope, that we will see Defender Glorious and Avalanche Glorious in the future on big European shows.

Baltic Beauty A Perfect Creation

[2011-07-23] [12:51]
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