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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty


Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Double BIG-1 in the same weekend!
We are happy that some more of our offsprings starts their show career. As we wrote before, the girl from our B litter was quite successful on the last few shows, so it was interesting to compare their both – Baltic Beauty Believe Me and Baltic Beauty Be My Love in one ring on the National dog show in Rezekne on 15 th of august. On that show were a lot dogs not only from Latvia, but also from Lithuania, Russia, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Belarussia. The judges were also one of the best known in Eastern Europe.
This time our ring was judged by an international expert Ekaterina Senashenko. Quite strict judge, the main idea is that the dog should correspond to breeds standard. 

The breeds results : Baltic Beauty Be My LoveJCAC, BOB. The group was also judged by E.Senashenko. And we are really proud that our Be My Love got also Best In Group 1st place!! 

White shepherd Baltic Beauty Me My Love

It’s great that both girls stayed near to us and are visiting dog shows. 

Also some good news from Russia – our Avalanche Glorious (Krasnodar) got JCAC, BOB and BIG-1 from National dog show and next day one more JCAC, BOB and BIG-4 from International dog show! Also we would like to thanks Olga Hodayeva, who was the first from our D litter puppies owner, that started the show career. On first show Baltic Beauty Defender Glorious got Best Baby. That is great result. Our congratulations! 

Also Baltic Beauty A Perfect Creation took part in 3 shows in Russia and have got 3 JCAC & BOB from all of them! By this Baltic Beauty A Perfect Creation finished her Russian Junior Champion title!

[2009-08-24] [10:36]
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