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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty
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Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Krakow or Cherokee is Champion of Poland
After really successful weekend in Warszawa we continued our polish trip - the goal of our way was amazing city Krakow, where was held international conference Lumdetr 2009, where Liana took part.

Krakow is unique town, historical center of Poland, the cultural center of Europe. We spend a wonderful time there walking around in old town, sitting in nice Cafe on Main Market Square and taking a reset.

White shepherds in Krakow 

On 18 th of July we drive to small city about 100 km from Krakow – Novy Sacz, situated in the mountains. There was held the second dog show that we wanted to attend in Poland during this trip. 

White swiss shepherds in Poland

This time there were 3 white shepherds in the ring – our Cherokee, A Perfect Creation and a very pretty longcoated girl from Poland. Once again Cherokee became BOB, received CAC and finished his Polish Champion title with 3 shows and 3 BOB! 

A Perfect Creation became the best junior and received her second JCAC
Thanks the judge Bożena Czempas for nice descriptions and excellent grades for our dogs. 

Unfortunately, we can’t wait for BIG competitions because we had a long way home. 

White swiss shepherds in Poland

[2009-07-28] [10:03]
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