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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty


Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость Eurasia 2009

Everyone, who took part in sport competitions will understand the incandescence of fight, experience of participants, aspiring to victory, hopes of fans, and, sure, the taste of the VICTORY.

We, kennel Baltic Beauty, have the possibility to fill all this on 28.02.2009 – 01.03.2009, when we have taken part in the biggest and one of the most representative dog shows of New Europe – EuroAsia 2009.

Now Or Never Baltic Beauty


28.02.2009. 6645 dogs have taken part in the dog show Eurasia-1, presenting more than 240 breeds. We are very happy, that this forum collects more and more participants from a year to the year, and are invited professionals judges from whole world.

In the first day our breed was judged by Javier Sanchez Fernandez (Spain), who will judge white shepherds on the World Dog Show 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. And that’s way this competition was very important for us.

Thanks to Mister Javier Sanchez Fernandez for nice words to our dogs and their handlers.

Results of the first day:


Baltic Beauty Angel’s Dream – BOB Puppy 
Baltic Beauty Bodyguard – very promising 1 
Baltic Beauty Brain Storm – very promising 2

Now or Never Baltic Beauty – ex1, CAC in Champion class, Best Male – 1, CACIB, Champion of Eurasia, BOB
Cherokee Baltic Beauty Du Bois Des Ternes – ex1, CAC in Open Class, Best Male – 2, R.CACIB
Mon Solei Kashmir Alosno (sun of our Metius) – ex2, R.CAC in Open Class

No Problem Baltic Beauty – ex1, CAC in Champion class, Best Female – 1, CACIB, Champion of Eurasia, BOO
Gabe Von Stainz Schirchlend – ex1, CAC in Intermediate class, Best Female - 2
Non-Stop Winner Baltic Beauty – ex2, R.CAC in Open Class
Akatava Mariy El iz Serebristoy Gavani (daughter of our Metius) – ex2, R.CAC in Champion class

Are we satisfied with results? Thousand times YES!!!

This time 16 dogs from 20 were connected with our kennel and this was really important for us. Our main goal is popularization of the breed and it developing with new lines. That’s why it was really important that not the dogs from our kennel, but also their offsprings are real Champions and the new lines!

Thanks toall participants, to all our friends, to all real fans of the breed for your support and company on such a great dog show, like Eurasia!

01.03.09. It was the second and the last one day of amazing show.

Today our ring was very interesting; a lot of surprises were there. The judge was Mr. Pedro De Lerue (Portugal), the main idea for him was – breed’s standard, balanced anatomy and movements and perspective future generation. That’s why the choice was very understandable for the judge and not really for white shepherd’s breeders.

ВОВ got junior Fieliss Тraunshtain Triumf Tarlak
ВОО achieved Akatava Mariy El iz Serebristoy Gavani (daughter of our Metius)
Now or Never Baltic Beauty - ex1, CAC in Champions, Best Male – 1, Champion of Eurasia
Baltic Beauty Angel’s Dream – BOB Puppy

We are very happy for kennel Fieliss (Voronezh, Russia) with such successful start in white shepherd breeding. Good luck in the future! Also congratulations for our friends from Ukraina, Snow Avalanche kennel, with excellent results with their bred dogs (Adore Snow Avalanche), that continue amazing show career of their grandmother Thalia the foundation bitch of our kennel. We are really happy for our puppy result’s, that became the Best Male of year 2009 -Now or Never Baltic Beauty. Thanks for our friend from Iz Serevristoy Gavani, Rossmel and Snow Avalanche for their attention and efforts that they attend raising up our offsprings – Now or Never Baltic Beauty, No Problem Baltic Beauty, Non-Stop Winner Baltic Beauty, Akatava Mariy El iz Serebristoy Gavani.

The Champion ambitions of our kennel today proved - Now or Never Baltic Beauty and Akatava Mariy El iz Serebristoy Gavani (Evridikke Metius Baltic Beauty x Alba Astra From South Africa), that once more confirms rightness of the principles of breeding accepted by us.

[2009-03-07] [18:14]
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