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Белые овчарки Baltic Beauty


Белая швейцарская овчарка

Питомник Baltic Beauty
Белая овчарка, Baltic Beauty
Новость What is the main goal for any breeder?

What is the main goal for any breeder?

-to get puppies better than their parents in exterior and working ability, and with very good health.

As long as we are working it is a goal of kennel Baltic Beauty.

And now, when it’s time for ours Gabe and CoCo first puppies, we went to Austria and later to Bavaria, to achieve our goal.

The expectation of the traveling was so big for all members of our team, that our driver could even find some nice hotel in Polish village with price 15 euros for all of us. So the fortune was with us from the beginning.

It’s so hard to be in mountains and not to fill its charm. And it was also really hard for us. But we had a goal, so we need to skip all this wonderful places and drive farther. 

And after only 16 hours from beginning of our trip, without time we spent sleeping, and we are in the center of Vienna – city of history, traditions, love and pride. Viennese schnitzel, real austrian steak, cup of fragrant coffee and piece of cake «Sachertorte», not to mention about all charm of architecture and history - nothing could distract us from the our goal.

And it happened - the French charm and austrian grandeur united and continued the way, started by our kennel. We are glad to let you know that in the beginning of May appearance of new line in our breeding is expected from the French lioness CoCo and pride and honour of Austria - Aico.

Week, spent in Austria, allowed us to enjoy wonderful rest and also let us to discuss with colleagues from an austrian club of White swiss shepherds. We visited the IPO training, where our Gabe passed training test (but, in opinion of trainer, it’s not her strong side). We discussed with colleagues existent problems, tendencies and prospects of breeding of our dogs. Also we found out sad news that Dieter Modl - the president of Club de Berger Blanc Suisse International (BBI) died in tragic accident in the end of January, 2009.

The time run fast, and for us, there was, another, small, but very important for the future, goal! We needed to visit and to meet the Grandeur of Bavaria - Banshee Boy vom Hause Zenz (Sanny) that was selected for our Gabe.

Thanks to our navigator, which in the short time and maximally expressly brought us in the suburb of Munich, where the smiling and hospitable owner of Sanny Petra opened the doors of her house.

During the time we are working with White swiss shepherds, we knew much enough about the Czech club, than about Austrian and Swiss, further we met our friends from France and Denmark. But only now we met our colleagues from Germany. Six days Petra spent with us all her free time and from this contact we found out a lot of new and useful information.

We are ready to let you know the basic results of our conversation:
- the dogs without test for HD, can’t take part in breeding, a health of future generations - is main principle of any breeder;
- there is forbidden inbreeding in Austria and Germany, there are not so many white shepherds and we don’t need any health problems in the future;
 - the breeder in Germany can have only three litters in the year, from all others breeder should to pay taxes;
- at the moment a big attention of breeders in Europe is concentrated on dog’s character, they also has some problems with shyness, fear. The only one way how to avoid it is –correct choice of breeding lines + puppies socialization + trainings.
- another important aspect at breeding is the genetically purchased problems with cardiac insufficiency, cryptorchidism, problems with hearing and other. There are sorrowful statistics of these problems, including with a fatal outcome, and we were introduced with it.

At the moment there is a problem in Europe with new bloodlines, a lot of breeders, during last 3-4 years, should changed their breeding dogs, because of genetic problems. The new lines are still under discussions.

We are very proud and happy that our kennel is more and more well known in Europe, not just because of our dog’s winners, but also because of our future puppies. 

What about Coco and Gabe, both of them are healthy, and it’s really important. Coco is preparing to be a mom, but Gabe will participate in the biggest Russian dog show Eurasia 2009.
[2009-02-15] [11:25]
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